5 Things You Have but Probably Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen overstuffed with items? Well, looking at it, it’s probably tough to pick and choose which ones to throw away. In a way they all seem important, right? Well, they’re not, even if currently in use. So how do you decide what’s needed and what’s not?

Well stop scratching your heads, we’ve got it all figured out for you. Here are 5 things you need to throw away immediately.

Old Food Containers

Are your food containers broken, badly stained? Well, then those are first things to throw out. Even the most expensive or durable of containers wear out after a while especially if you’ve been storing soups or broths in the freezer throughout the winters.

Most food containers are cheap but look for ones that are BPA and stain free and if you’re looking to carry hot food around we’d recommend glass or metal containers.

Old Foods

Well, now that the old containers are out I am sure there are plenty of foods you’ve not known were there for weeks maybe months and worst even a year. If you’ve got popsicles, burgers or slices of pizza stashed in those containers or in some corner of the refrigerator, it’s time to get rid of them. Every food has an expiry date and may cause foul odor if not cleared in time.

The Unused Dips And Sauces

Is there a BBQ sauce leftover from a party you had a couple of months back? Or are there age old dips and sauces such as mustard, mayo etc. left you’d probably never use again? Here’s a golden rule, if you’re not using it, you don’t need it.

Follow the rule and get rid of everything left unused or unwanted in the refrigerator. This way you’ll free up space for the new containers and other important food items.


Old Appliances

Does your oven not work as well as it used to? Does the blender or mixer now need regular repair? Getting rid of old appliances is important as they take up most of the countertop or kitchen space and freeing up space will encourage you to look for an upgrade.

In the case of fully functional old appliances, you could sell them for a quick buck before you start your hunt for a new one. Check out online reviews and compare different makes and model to make the right pick.

Rusted Grilling Accessories

If you’ve left your grilling accessories out during the rain or snowy winters they’re most likely to catch rust and have no place in the kitchen. Also, all the dirty, mucky outdoor gear or appliances need to be put away if they are smelly and greasing even after being cleaned 4-5 times.

We guess it’s time to hit the stores so get going people, a clean kitchen is a green kitchen and there’s nothing like have a new appliance to brighten up your kitchen’s look and feel and to encourage you to cook.

Rusted Grilling

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