About Us

Two Girls

Two girls, best friends, eccentric and most importantly writers with one shared dream, to set the world on fire with our words!

We are driven to create that ‘unputdownable’ book. We want your heart to race with each sentence, for you to stay up all night, miss your bus stop and lose track of time, all so you can just keep reading, to turn that ‘one more page’. You’ll rush to reach the end and then hate when it’s all over.

We love the highs and lows that come with a really good tale and that’s what we want to give to you.

We know what we would like to read, so that’s what we write and we know there are so many fan girls, just like us, out there that want to be caught up in these adventures too!

So let us sweep you off your feet! Go, explore and then tell us if you want more…


Not bored yet? Heres more nuggets of information about us:

Latimer and Ridley have been writing together for almost ten years. While writing has not yet become a full time occupation for either of us, we hope that one day it will be!

In the beginning, we tried to get published, of course we did. Like so many others, we were just posted back rejection slips. So we decided to withdraw, tend to our wounds and hone our skills, instead of wasting money on endless submissions. Now, were poking a foot out the door and peeking out again!
We read, we obsess and we write, constantly. Weve learned to give each other our honest and unfaltering opinions when it comes to our work, which has only ensured our writing has gone from strength to strength! Even now glancing back over our earlier work, the difference is astounding and cringe-worthy.
We know, however, that we will never stop learning and improving. Were always looking for feedback on our work to ensure that it can be the best read it can be.
Obsession-worthy characters and stories written well, thats the aim!
So we will always love to hear from you, even if its to point out a plot inconsistency! Though an email telling us you like our books would, of course, make us much happier.

Scientist by day, crime fighting space-frog girl by night!

I am Latimer, part one of our writing duo.

I love science, although it scares and baffles me (but in a good way, ha). Its a great source of inspiration and its interesting.

I love, love, LOVE to draw, read and write; my stress outlets and my playgrounds! My mind is basically, half-factual, half-fantastical.

Im addicted to tea (trying to cut down on the amount of sugar I use in me cuppa, but Ill tell you what, tea is not tea without sugar :(). My blend is Lyons tea (Jadore). I would gladly be a poster child for Lyons (wink, wink, Lyons! one day one day)

I adore a good story in any medium; books, life (!), TV, movies, manga, anime, Japanese/Korean/Taiwanese doramas, comics and video games.

I dreamed Id be many different things when I grew up (still not there yet!). I often think that across the hypothetical multiverse, parallel mes are living those possibilities and thinking about me; Latimer the computer games designer, the archaeologist (I wanted to be Lara Croft), the vet and the cartoonist they all wonder about Latimer the scientist!

Ridley and I are fan-girls above all else. As she mentions below, we both search for the ‘squee moments’ that every fan-girl does! The romances that make you think ‘ohhh, beautiful’. I think Young Adult is king of romance (full of touching moments and great characters).

I love Kelley Armstrong’s YA series, The Darkest Powers; Juliet Marillier’s YA Wildwood Dancing series and Tamora Pierce The Immortals. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is probably the Mother of all- the bad start is key to a good romance! Harry Potter is part of the foundations of my mind now; as is Lord of the Rings (one of the saddest most beautiful stories of love and friendship). When I’m feeling in need of a laugh though, I’ll turn to Terry Pratchett, Master of fantasy satire.

And finally, I love music My iPod is like mini Latimer (a part of me!)! I love listening to indie stuff; e.g. James Vincent McMorrow, Mumford and Sons, Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Beirut, Emeli Sande, Beach House and Florence and the Machine. List goes ever on and on I also LOVE podcasts, currently of the SModCo variety.

We are striving toward something and we’ll get there eventually, so keep with us as we journey ever on and on.____________________________________________________________

Ridley is my half of our pen name, its been a nickname for years now too.

Im from a smallish town on the not so sunny South-East of modern Ireland, where all leprechauns are now extinct and fairies drive around in BMWs.

When Im not writing, Im usually daydreaming about it. One day, I hope to be able to give up my day job and surround myself with stationary-and also become a published author! (Actually, I do think I have a stationary fetish, notebooks in particular, the fancier the better, especially if it looks like it fell off of a Lord of the Rings film set. I used to love going back to school in September, buying all my new pens, A4 pads and copy books-pathetic, I know!)

Other random things about me:

I love tea and drink bucketfuls daily!

Im a massive fan of Aardman, their jokes tickle me pink-ish.

In my free time, apart from writing, I also sketch, paint and sculpt.

Im addicted to ice cream and Cadburys chocolate (Dont leave it down, it will get eaten. You have been warned. Me and a tub of chocolate ice cream is the ultimate party and no one else is invited-Im sure you can now picture me huddled at the bottom of a dark wardrobe with a large spoon and gleaming feral eyes. Its a pretty sight.)

I live for squee moments. Sounds dorty, but its notunlessno, its not! These are moments where youre so happy, excited and in the throes of delighted disbelief that every language on earth fails you and you are only left with a type of shriek. This sound is a squee! It is universal and every girl can instinctively reach the same teeth-aching pitch.

Some of my favourite authors include Jane Austen (P&P and Persuasion especially), Tamora Pierce, J.K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Juliet Marillier, Kristen Britain, J.R Tolkien, Cassandra Clare, Trudi Canavan, Kelley Armstrong, Terry Pratchett.to name a few!

Into the wee hours (where its not night but not yet morning) is my perfect time for writing. All is quiet, the world around you is asleep but the one youre creating is awake and full of life.

Thats me. I think Ive given you all enough fodder for one night, if youre currently questioning my sanity, my job is done here!


It comes from the tale of the Oxford Martyrs.

Oxford is one of our favorite places in the world. It is only right that our pen name originates from a tale told there. Click into Wikipedia for the full story.

Briefly, three men, Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer were tried for heresy during the reign of Queen Mary. Latimer and Ridley were burned at the stake together on the 16th of October 1555. The location is marked by a cobble stone cross in Broad Street, Oxford.

Latimer is believed to have said to Ridley: “Be of good cheer Master Ridley, for we shall this day light such a candle, as I trust by God’s grace shall never be put out.”

Their influence and names have certainly lived on. They’ve inspired many people, not just us! One day we hope to do the same-though in a different way!

What the ‘M’ stands for, we’ll let you guess….