5 Things You Have but Probably Don’t Need in Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen overstuffed with items? Well, looking at it, it’s probably tough to pick and choose which ones to throw away. In a way they all seem important, right? Well, they’re not, even if currently in use. So how do you decide what’s needed and what’s not?

Well stop scratching your heads, we’ve got it all figured out for you. Here are 5 things you need to throw away immediately.

Old Food Containers

Are your food containers broken, badly stained? Well, then those are first things to throw out. Even the most expensive or durable of containers wear out after a while especially if you’ve been storing soups or broths in the freezer throughout the winters.

Most food containers are cheap but look for ones that are BPA and stain free and if you’re looking to carry hot food around we’d recommend glass or metal containers.

Old Foods

Well, now that the old containers are out I am sure there are plenty of foods you’ve not known were there for weeks maybe months and worst even a year. If you’ve got popsicles, burgers or slices of pizza stashed in those containers or in some corner of the refrigerator, it’s time to get rid of them. Every food has an expiry date and may cause foul odor if not cleared in time.

The Unused Dips And Sauces

Is there a BBQ sauce leftover from a party you had a couple of months back? Or are there age old dips and sauces such as mustard, mayo etc. left you’d probably never use again? Here’s a golden rule, if you’re not using it, you don’t need it.

Follow the rule and get rid of everything left unused or unwanted in the refrigerator. This way you’ll free up space for the new containers and other important food items.


Old Appliances

Does your oven not work as well as it used to? Does the blender or mixer now need regular repair? Getting rid of old appliances is important as they take up most of the countertop or kitchen space and freeing up space will encourage you to look for an upgrade.

In the case of fully functional old appliances, you could sell them for a quick buck before you start your hunt for a new one. Check out online reviews and compare different makes and model to make the right pick.

Rusted Grilling Accessories

If you’ve left your grilling accessories out during the rain or snowy winters they’re most likely to catch rust and have no place in the kitchen. Also, all the dirty, mucky outdoor gear or appliances need to be put away if they are smelly and greasing even after being cleaned 4-5 times.

We guess it’s time to hit the stores so get going people, a clean kitchen is a green kitchen and there’s nothing like have a new appliance to brighten up your kitchen’s look and feel and to encourage you to cook.

Rusted Grilling

Most Common “Myths” About Aero Garden You Should Know.

One can grow weed in an Aero Garden

One of the most common myths about an Aero Garden is that it can grow weed and a lot of people have written about how to go about it too. The fact remains that an Aero Garden provides you with growing lights and bubbleponics kit but the lights provided aren’t strong enough to grow cannabis. The lights are too close the reservoir which doesn’t have enough space to grow the cannabis comfortably.

Reusing nutrient solution is good for your plants

Another common misconception that people have about an Aero Garden is that even if they miss out on changing the nutrient solution, it will be good for their plants as they will get more nutrient content. In fact, the opposite can happen if you don’t change the nutrient solution regularly. The nutrient solution can become concentrated and will harm your plants rather than helping them out.

Too much artificial light helps your plants grow faster

Another common myth associated with Aero Garden is that there is no need to turn off the LED lights as more light would mean that your plant will grow faster. Indoor herb aerogarden kit helps plants to grow faster. This is completely false because there is a thing as too much light. You want your plant to get the normal daylight and nighttime routine which can get disrupted due to too much light.

Water Level indicator will always tell you when to refill

This is yet another common mistake made by people, they believe that the water level indicator will always indicate the correct time to refill the water tank. In fact, there are chances that your water level indicator might malfunction sometimes and show an incorrect level of water. So, don’t be blindsided and always check yourself the water level.

Pruning your plants is bad for their growth

A lot of people think that cutting a few parts of their plants is bad and could hinder the growth of the plants. In fact, the opposite of this is true. It is known that regular pruning of your plants can make them grow quickly and efficiently and is bound to provide you with a better yield.

No need to clean your Aero Garden

This is another myth associated with an Aero Garden. Many people think that once you have bought an Aero Garden kit and planted your seedlings, there is no need to regularly clean your Aero Garden which is in fact untrue.  You need to keep your Aero Garden clean at all times so that your plants are able to grow healthier. You need to clean the water regularly and wash the leaves residue and shed leaves from the plants to ensure that your plants receive proper water and nutrients.

Let your plants grow

One of the most common myths with an Aero Garden is that the size doesn’t matter. You can let your plants grow as long as you want. This is entirely untrue because if your plants grow too huge in

How to Buy the Right Planer for Your Home

Looking for a wood planer to make your own wood projects?  Not sure what to look out for? This guide will help you in deciding the perfect planer for your needs and how to make the best of the choices provided to you.

Types of Planers

So, the first thing you need to note down is that there are various types of planers available in the market. There are portable planers, hand planers, thickness planers, jointer planers and benchtop planers. From all of them, here is the list of best planer and their reviews. A hand planer is the best tool for finishing purposes and can be used without any need of electricity. Although it takes a long time to level wood, it is one of the easiest planers to use.

A thickness planer is an ideal tool for those users who like to buy unfinished woods in bulk and want a budget and easy way to plane their wood pieces. There is one drawback with this type of planer that it sometimes can be a little off precision and can only handle boards which are 4-inches or 6-inches thick.

A jointer planer is the best choice for people who need to work on large woodwork pieces but don’t have an adequate planer for that. It is large and expensive but can perform a lot of tasks at once.

A portable planer is the best choice for people who like to do their own home repairs and want an easy and cheap model to do so. You can’t produce high-quality finishing with it or perform accurate woodworking with it.

One of the best planer types to use for hardwoods and professional projects is the benchtop planer. It is reliable and provides you with enough power to control your wood’s thickness but it is not easy to use.

Things to look out for when buying a planer for yourself

Now, that you know the types of planers available and their pros and cons, it is time to look at other factors which are important when buying a planer for yourself.


One of the most important things to check is the motor type. A universal motor is cheap and will be able to handle only lighter wood projects whereas an induction motor will be expensive but will be able to work efficiently on hardwood too.


Another thing to consider is the space available in your home. You need to buy a planer which will easily fit in your workspace and can be easily used to plane woods.

Thickness and width

The next thing to consider is the thickness levels which your planer would provide the board sizes which it would be able to take in. A lot of planers provide you with an average 6-inches thickness and only some allow you other thickness options. You also need to check if your planer can take all sizes board or not. Many planers are small in size and can only plane smaller sized wood boards.

The Fey Man by James T. Kelly

We want to welcome James T. Kelly to our blog, a good twitter friend and fellow published author, we wanted to share his new book with you! So we asked him a few questions and he was kind enough to answer them!

So James congratulations on getting The Fey Man published!!

Thank you! I still cant believe its out there. Its literally a dream come true. And thank you for inviting me to your blog!

1. What’s been the best part of the whole publishing process for you?

I think my favourite moment was holding that first paperback. Ive been writing with a view to publication for almost fifteen years. So its been a very long road to The Fey Man, full of novels that will never see the light of day and abortive starts on other projects. But when it all culminated in seeing that paperback for the first time, thats when it felt real. This was an actual book with my name on it. After all the years of work, that was really quite something.

2. Please tell us all about The Fey Man. (Ridley loves that it has dragons!)

The short version is that its about a mans journey to return to Faerie and the war of dragons that gets in his way.

The longer version is that Thomas Rymour is a prophet who cannot lie, obsessed with returning to Faerie and reuniting with the queen of the fay. The elfs in the West are using magic to enslave dragons and invade the rest of Tir; the elfs in the East seek a fabled sword to break that magic. Tom thinks he can use that quest to get back to Faerie. But, of course, its not that easy.

Ive tried to write the fantasy novel I always wanted to read, so its got fantasy staples like elfs, dragons, swords and quests. But its also got the fay of Faerie, a (very) reluctant hero, and a twist or a rethink for all of those staples. I hope the world Ive created feels familiar enough that people want to enter but novel enough that they want to stay.

3. Do you see any of yourself in your main character Tom?

Oh sure. Im a clueless, lovelorn liar too.

Joking aside, Toms the viewpoint character so I spend more time in his head than anyone elses. Consequently hes probably inherited more from me than the other characters. Tom, as he appears in The Fey Man at least, certainly reminds me a little of my younger self. He has a sort of teenage romanticism that I was prone to, a little victimhood, and a certain selfish and dogged drive to see his own desires fulfilled.

That said I think most characters start, if not with the writer asking what would I do?, than what would make me do that?. Even if characters are very dissimilar to their creators, they all begin with the writer and do ultimately reflect them in some way.

4. The Fey Man is an epic fantasy novel, why were you drawn to write in this genre in particular?

Well in truth I want to write in all the genres. The Fey Man was just the first story to be ready!

Fantasy is great because its so entangled with myths and legends. Its filled with these evocative motifs that move and inspire us in fundamental ways. Theres a reason dragons and elfs and magic make so many appearances in fiction and, like I said before, I wanted to write them all as I wanted to see them!

5. Weve said before we love the cover, did you work closely with the artist on it or did you give her free artistic reign?

I took the view that Annahs the professional artist so her instincts are going to be better than mine. That viewpoint paid dividends! I gave her a detailed synopsis as well as a description of what I had in mind, but the rest was really all her. Her pencil sketch was just incredible. We discussed details and I made requests for amendments and tweaks, but that cover is far more Annahs work than mine. Im looking forward to working with her on the sequel.

6. Have you always wanted to be a writer, and was there any one thing, event or person that inspired you to become one?

I dont think I can point to one thing that inspired me to be a writer. After all, Id been writing stories since I was old enough to string words together. But a big part in moving me from hobbyist to aspirant was Orson Scott Cards introduction to Enders Game, which chronicled the creation of the novel. It was one of the first times I realised that the writer was just a person making things up, and if they could do it, why couldnt I?

Sadly my opinion of Orson Scott Card has diminished in light of some of the things hes said about homosexuality, but I still have to credit that introduction to putting me on this path.

7. Tell us about your writing process, is there any time of the day or night you prefer to put pen to paper?

Any time is good writing time. I get up early to get an hour in before work (which is much harder in winter, let me tell you). I also write on my lunchbreak and, if Im really on the ball, whenever Ive got thirty seconds. Thats the great thing about the cloud; you can use whatever device you have to hand. For long stretches I use an iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard and my phone for shorter bursts. I much prefer writing with a physical keyboard and a decent-sized screen, though; a phone just isnt good enough to write on for too long!

8. What is your favourite thing about being a writer?

Thats a really tough one. There are so many things! I like that I can daydream and call it work. I like that I can tell the stories I want to read. And I especially love it when people read and enjoy my work.

If I had to pick, though, I think its the creation itself. Its quite exciting to sees story rush into the page from your fingertips. And then to go over it, cutting, amending, honing the raw, ugly prose into something you can be proud of. Im probably gushing, but creating something where previously there was nothing? Yes, thats my favourite thing!

9. So whats next for James T Kelly?

The sequel! Im beavering away on the second volume which moves the story into the belly of the beast: the Western Kingdom. Ive got a few other projects Im working on as well so theres plenty to be getting on with.

Thanks for asking me, I hope I havent waffled on too much!

Trip : Beautiful Cambodia

Latimer: This post has been such a long time coming. For various reasons I never got round to finishing off my South East Asian adventure posts!

Well, last time I left off, I was leaving Vietnam for Cambodia. I was really looking forward to this. One of the main reasons Id gone on this trip was to make it to Cambodia. Id heard such good things about it from my brother, who is still as taken with it now as it was when hed first been there. It grabbed hold of him somehow. And, now I know why.

For those of you that dont know, Cambodia was once the jewel of South East Asian; prosperous and full of very well educated people. It was once the ancient empire of Kampuchea; it ruled South East Asia.

That glorious past was blotted out in the 1970s when Pol Pots terrifying Khmer Rogue communist organisation came to power. I wouldnt get into the horrific details; these people, if you can call them that, declared that the country had entered Year Zero, and that meant going back to the Stone Ages in some respects. The educated people were viewed as traitors (the  were sent off to the countryside to work as labourers on the farm, the country entered a famine; neighbours were encouraged to spy on each other and inform on each other (even though no one did anything, it was all about fear and mistrust).

Shush! Its a Secret!

Latimer: I have just learned about the amazing Secret Cinema in London, but guys, its a secret so dont tell anyone 🙂

I would love, love, love to go to one of these. I will make it my mission to experience at least one major Secret Cinema! So, whats the premise exactly? Well, its a fully immersive cinema experience. The Secret Cinema releases what the movie will be, you buy your ticket, then they assign you an identity in line with whatever the film is. You dress up and you turn up to where the Secret Cinema event will be.

The area is a replica of various parts of the film in question, so to use an example, the most recent event was Back to the Future.

You get dressed up like someone in the Fifties, from the town in question, then you go to the fully immersive town. It was a complete replica of the town square you could go to the diner, or the school dance. You could talk to the people there, the idea is to be in the movie. So, the more you talk to people there, the more story you get. They might tell you to do things, or go places. You could even sit down in the diner and have a burger! As in the movie, Biff comes in and fights with Marty and they race outside and jump into a car and drive around the town square! Its all fully interactive.

And then, after about 3 hours exploring the area, you go and watch the movie, but theres still some tricks and stuff. Like an actual DeLorean appears and so on!

It sounds like so much fun. Here are some trailers of what previous movie experiences have been I would love to have been at the Blade Runner one!

Feels like Christmas

Ridley: I absolutely adore this time of year! Im generally a big kid at the best of times, but I am a hundred times worse come the month of December! I love how happy people are during the weeks leading up to the 25th, how so much nicer they are to their fellow man, how more generous they tend to be, more caring, everything seems brighter and nicer bathed in sparkly fairy lights. This time of year, we all tend to look outside ourselves more at those around us, and really stop for a moment to realise just how lucky we are.

Soin order to get more into the Christmas spirit Ive lined up my favourite Christmas ads. Now, hear me out, I know Christmas ads are now big business here, and I shouldnt be using them to get me into the Christmas spirit, as this holiday is not all about presents and what youre going to get from Santa. I know different companies spend millions developing these ads, recording them, and then they have big Christmas ad reveals, which get shared by thousands on social media sites (if theyre any good, and some of them really are). But Im not afraid to admit (dont judge me!) that Ive gotten choked up watching a few of them!

Somehow, even though the ads are obviously trying to sell you something or encourage you to shop somewhere in particular (overlook this), they still, in strange way, capture the meaning of Christmas too, where its not about what you get or buy, but who youre with. Its about surrounding yourself with the people you care about, its about trying to bring a big smile to their faces, being the reason for them to laugh and just generally spreading the love!

So this Christmas, stop for a minute, and just remember what its all really about:

John Lewis, their ads just get me every time, I adored last years one with the bear and the rabbit, but this one with Monty the Penguin kinda chokes me up at the end, so so sweet. This is what Im taking about, make others happy, its the secret to your own happiness too! (Also who wouldnt want a best friend like Monty I ask you?

Legend Unleashed, Keeping Secrets 1, Chapter 15

To celebrate the release of Unbroken Ties, Keeping Secrets, 2 – we’re continuing our Legend Unleashed, Keeping Secrets, 1, Wednesday chapter release!

Check back next Wednesday for the next chapter release!


“Temperance is satisfied with her ordinary life. Dealing with her eccentric, childlike parents is all the excitement she needs. That changes when Alastair Byron returns home.
After a failed matchmaking attempt by her father, sparks fly between her and Alastair-just not the good kind.
They are forced together though, when they are implicated in a grisly murder. Their search for the truth leads them to a secret world beneath Carwick, filled with werewolves, wizards and other magical faey.
However, uncovering the truth is far more dangerous than they’d ever imagined.
There are secrets within secrets.
Even Alastair may be more than he seems…”