Baby Items You Don’t Really Need For Your Baby

There are several baby items which you need for your baby but there is a few stuff which you can definitely skip on and save both your money and time. There are many such things which are not really needed for your baby but as you go for shopping, you decide on an impulse to get everything you can get your hands on without considering if you have space or the money for it.

As we know some things like convertible car seats for infants, high chairs etc we can’t skip but we can surely skip something to save money. Here is a list of thing which you can definitely skip on the next time you go shopping for your baby.

  1. The Changing Table

Although you might find it to be a good product for your baby, it is definitely not as often used as you might think. Furthermore, it just takes up more space in your baby’s room while costing a lot and won’t be used as regularly as other baby items.

  1. Diaper Disposal System

Why do you need a disposal system just for diapers? Just keep a dustbin in your baby’s room and you are all good to go. You don’t need a separate diaper disposal system to throw away your baby’s used diapers.

  1. Baby Timers

Another useless baby item which you can definitely skip on is the baby timer. A baby timer is used to keep a schedule of your baby’s eating, pooping and sleeping time but trust me, you don’t need a timer for that, you just need a pen and paper for it.

  1. Shoes

Another extremely useless baby item to have is the baby shoes which you would probably not make your baby wear anyway till he/she is able to walk. So, there is really no point in getting baby shoes in the first year of their birth.

  1. Crib bumpers

This is yet another useless and potentially harmful baby item to invest in. You might think that buying this would keep the bedding in placing and it looks cute too but it has been known to trap the baby and cause suffocation so avoid this item.

  1. Newborn-sized clothes

Why would you need newborn-sized cloth when your baby will just grow up in another month or two? One of the most useless baby items to buy, this one you can definitely skip on without a second thought.

  1. Bassinet

Bassinets look adorable and we all feel that the baby would sleep better in it but always remember that your baby would be able to fit in the bassinet for only a year max and then it would be an utter waste. So, don’t waste your money on this.

  1. High Chair

In the initial one year, it is hard for your baby to take his own weight and most of all sit in a high chair. He would be fussy and constricted and it would be much more difficult for you to feed your baby, so skip it. You can always buy it later when your baby is a little less fussy and able to behave better.

  1. Baby blankets

Another item you can skip upon are the baby blankets. These are costly and really not as useful because you have many blankets at home which could make a better baby blanket. Also, don’t worry but your relatives are sure to bombard you with a ton of blankets.

  1. Baby Food Processor

Why do you need a baby food processor? It is not rocket science to prepare food for your baby. You can use the normal processor or in fact mash your baby’s food easily with your hands, so don’t waste your money on this.

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