Most Common “Myths” About Aero Garden You Should Know.

One can grow weed in an Aero Garden

One of the most common myths about an Aero Garden is that it can grow weed and a lot of people have written about how to go about it too. The fact remains that an Aero Garden provides you with growing lights and bubbleponics kit but the lights provided aren’t strong enough to grow cannabis. The lights are too close the reservoir which doesn’t have enough space to grow the cannabis comfortably.

Reusing nutrient solution is good for your plants

Another common misconception that people have about an Aero Garden is that even if they miss out on changing the nutrient solution, it will be good for their plants as they will get more nutrient content. In fact, the opposite can happen if you don’t change the nutrient solution regularly. The nutrient solution can become concentrated and will harm your plants rather than helping them out.

Too much artificial light helps your plants grow faster

Another common myth associated with Aero Garden is that there is no need to turn off the LED lights as more light would mean that your plant will grow faster. Indoor herb aerogarden kit helps plants to grow faster. This is completely false because there is a thing as too much light. You want your plant to get the normal daylight and nighttime routine which can get disrupted due to too much light.

Water Level indicator will always tell you when to refill

This is yet another common mistake made by people, they believe that the water level indicator will always indicate the correct time to refill the water tank. In fact, there are chances that your water level indicator might malfunction sometimes and show an incorrect level of water. So, don’t be blindsided and always check yourself the water level.

Pruning your plants is bad for their growth

A lot of people think that cutting a few parts of their plants is bad and could hinder the growth of the plants. In fact, the opposite of this is true. It is known that regular pruning of your plants can make them grow quickly and efficiently and is bound to provide you with a better yield.

No need to clean your Aero Garden

This is another myth associated with an Aero Garden. Many people think that once you have bought an Aero Garden kit and planted your seedlings, there is no need to regularly clean your Aero Garden which is in fact untrue.  You need to keep your Aero Garden clean at all times so that your plants are able to grow healthier. You need to clean the water regularly and wash the leaves residue and shed leaves from the plants to ensure that your plants receive proper water and nutrients.

Let your plants grow

One of the most common myths with an Aero Garden is that the size doesn’t matter. You can let your plants grow as long as you want. This is entirely untrue because if your plants grow too huge in

How to Buy the Right Planer for Your Home

Looking for a wood planer to make your own wood projects?  Not sure what to look out for? This guide will help you in deciding the perfect planer for your needs and how to make the best of the choices provided to you.

Types of Planers

So, the first thing you need to note down is that there are various types of planers available in the market. There are portable planers, hand planers, thickness planers, jointer planers and benchtop planers. From all of them, here is the list of best planer and their reviews. A hand planer is the best tool for finishing purposes and can be used without any need of electricity. Although it takes a long time to level wood, it is one of the easiest planers to use.

A thickness planer is an ideal tool for those users who like to buy unfinished woods in bulk and want a budget and easy way to plane their wood pieces. There is one drawback with this type of planer that it sometimes can be a little off precision and can only handle boards which are 4-inches or 6-inches thick.

A jointer planer is the best choice for people who need to work on large woodwork pieces but don’t have an adequate planer for that. It is large and expensive but can perform a lot of tasks at once.

A portable planer is the best choice for people who like to do their own home repairs and want an easy and cheap model to do so. You can’t produce high-quality finishing with it or perform accurate wood working with it.

One of the best planer types to use for hard woods and professional projects is the benchtop planer. It is reliable and provides you with enough power to control your wood’s thickness but it is not easy to use.

Things to look out for when buying a planer for yourself

Now, that you know the types of planers available and their pros and cons, it is time to look at other factors which are important when buying a planer for yourself.


One of the most important things to check is the motor type. A universal motor is cheap and will be able to handle only lighter wood projects whereas an induction motor will be expensive but will be able to work efficiently on hard wood too.


Another thing to consider is the space available in your home. You need to buy a planer which will easily fit in your workspace and can be easily used to plane woods.

Thickness and width

The next thing to consider is the thickness levels which your planer would provide the board sizes which it would be able to take in. A lot of planers provide you with an average 6-inches thickness and only some allow you other thickness options. You also need to check if your planer can take all sizes board or not. Many planers are small in size and can only plane smaller sized wood boards.

Baby Items You Don’t Really Need For Your Baby

There are several baby items which you need for your baby but there is a few stuff which you can definitely skip on and save both your money and time. There are many such things which are not really needed for your baby but as you go for shopping, you decide on an impulse to get everything you can get your hands on without considering if you have space or the money for it.

As we know some things like convertible car seats for infants, high chairs etc we can’t skip but we can surely skip something to save money. Here is a list of thing which you can definitely skip on the next time you go shopping for your baby.

  1. The Changing Table

Although you might find it to be a good product for your baby, it is definitely not as often used as you might think. Furthermore, it just takes up more space in your baby’s room while costing a lot and won’t be used as regularly as other baby items.

  1. Diaper Disposal System

Why do you need a disposal system just for diapers? Just keep a dustbin in your baby’s room and you are all good to go. You don’t need a separate diaper disposal system to throw away your baby’s used diapers.

  1. Baby Timers

Another useless baby item which you can definitely skip on is the baby timer. A baby timer is used to keep a schedule of your baby’s eating, pooping and sleeping time but trust me, you don’t need a timer for that, you just need a pen and paper for it.

  1. Shoes

Another extremely useless baby item to have is the baby shoes which you would probably not make your baby wear anyway till he/she is able to walk. So, there is really no point in getting baby shoes in the first year of their birth.

  1. Crib bumpers

This is yet another useless and potentially harmful baby item to invest in. You might think that buying this would keep the bedding in placing and it looks cute too but it has been known to trap the baby and cause suffocation so avoid this item.

  1. Newborn-sized clothes

Why would you need newborn-sized cloth when your baby will just grow up in another month or two? One of the most useless baby items to buy, this one you can definitely skip on without a second thought.

  1. Bassinet

Bassinets look adorable and we all feel that the baby would sleep better in it but always remember that your baby would be able to fit in the bassinet for only a year max and then it would be an utter waste. So, don’t waste your money on this.

  1. High Chair

In the initial one year, it is hard for your baby to take his own weight and most of all sit in a high chair. He would be fussy and constricted and it would be much more difficult for you to feed your baby, so skip it. You can always buy it later when your baby is a little less fussy and able to behave better.

  1. Baby blankets

Another item you can skip upon are the baby blankets. These are costly and really not as useful because you have many blankets at home which could make a better baby blanket. Also, don’t worry but your relatives are sure to bombard you with a ton of blankets.

  1. Baby Food Processor

Why do you need a baby food processor? It is not rocket science to prepare food for your baby. You can use the normal processor or in fact mash your baby’s food easily with your hands, so don’t waste your money on this.