Feels like Christmas

Ridley: I absolutely adore this time of year! Im generally a big kid at the best of times, but I am a hundred times worse come the month of December! I love how happy people are during the weeks leading up to the 25th, how so much nicer they are to their fellow man, how more generous they tend to be, more caring, everything seems brighter and nicer bathed in sparkly fairy lights. This time of year, we all tend to look outside ourselves more at those around us, and really stop for a moment to realise just how lucky we are.

Soin order to get more into the Christmas spirit Ive lined up my favourite Christmas ads. Now, hear me out, I know Christmas ads are now big business here, and I shouldnt be using them to get me into the Christmas spirit, as this holiday is not all about presents and what youre going to get from Santa. I know different companies spend millions developing these ads, recording them, and then they have big Christmas ad reveals, which get shared by thousands on social media sites (if theyre any good, and some of them really are). But Im not afraid to admit (dont judge me!) that Ive gotten choked up watching a few of them!

Somehow, even though the ads are obviously trying to sell you something or encourage you to shop somewhere in particular (overlook this), they still, in strange way, capture the meaning of Christmas too, where its not about what you get or buy, but who youre with. Its about surrounding yourself with the people you care about, its about trying to bring a big smile to their faces, being the reason for them to laugh and just generally spreading the love!

So this Christmas, stop for a minute, and just remember what its all really about:

John Lewis, their ads just get me every time, I adored last years one with the bear and the rabbit, but this one with Monty the Penguin kinda chokes me up at the end, so so sweet. This is what Im taking about, make others happy, its the secret to your own happiness too! (Also who wouldnt want a best friend like Monty I ask you?

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