Most Common “Myths” About Aero Garden You Should Know.

One can grow weed in an Aero Garden

One of the most common myths about an Aero Garden is that it can grow weed and a lot of people have written about how to go about it too. The fact remains that an Aero Garden provides you with growing lights and bubbleponics kit but the lights provided aren’t strong enough to grow cannabis. The lights are too close the reservoir which doesn’t have enough space to grow the cannabis comfortably.

Reusing nutrient solution is good for your plants

Another common misconception that people have about an Aero Garden is that even if they miss out on changing the nutrient solution, it will be good for their plants as they will get more nutrient content. In fact, the opposite can happen if you don’t change the nutrient solution regularly. The nutrient solution can become concentrated and will harm your plants rather than helping them out.

Too much artificial light helps your plants grow faster

Another common myth associated with Aero Garden is that there is no need to turn off the LED lights as more light would mean that your plant will grow faster. Indoor herb aerogarden kit helps plants to grow faster. This is completely false because there is a thing as too much light. You want your plant to get the normal daylight and nighttime routine which can get disrupted due to too much light.

Water Level indicator will always tell you when to refill

This is yet another common mistake made by people, they believe that the water level indicator will always indicate the correct time to refill the water tank. In fact, there are chances that your water level indicator might malfunction sometimes and show an incorrect level of water. So, don’t be blindsided and always check yourself the water level.

Pruning your plants is bad for their growth

A lot of people think that cutting a few parts of their plants is bad and could hinder the growth of the plants. In fact, the opposite of this is true. It is known that regular pruning of your plants can make them grow quickly and efficiently and is bound to provide you with a better yield.

No need to clean your Aero Garden

This is another myth associated with an Aero Garden. Many people think that once you have bought an Aero Garden kit and planted your seedlings, there is no need to regularly clean your Aero Garden which is in fact untrue.  You need to keep your Aero Garden clean at all times so that your plants are able to grow healthier. You need to clean the water regularly and wash the leaves residue and shed leaves from the plants to ensure that your plants receive proper water and nutrients.

Let your plants grow

One of the most common myths with an Aero Garden is that the size doesn’t matter. You can let your plants grow as long as you want. This is entirely untrue because if your plants grow too huge in

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