Trip : Beautiful Cambodia

Latimer: This post has been such a long time coming. For various reasons I never got round to finishing off my South East Asian adventure posts!

Well, last time I left off, I was leaving Vietnam for Cambodia. I was really looking forward to this. One of the main reasons Id gone on this trip was to make it to Cambodia. Id heard such good things about it from my brother, who is still as taken with it now as it was when hed first been there. It grabbed hold of him somehow. And, now I know why.

For those of you that dont know, Cambodia was once the jewel of South East Asian; prosperous and full of very well educated people. It was once the ancient empire of Kampuchea; it ruled South East Asia.

That glorious past was blotted out in the 1970s when Pol Pots terrifying Khmer Rogue communist organisation came to power. I wouldnt get into the horrific details; these people, if you can call them that, declared that the country had entered Year Zero, and that meant going back to the Stone Ages in some respects. The educated people were viewed as traitors (the  were sent off to the countryside to work as labourers on the farm, the country entered a famine; neighbours were encouraged to spy on each other and inform on each other (even though no one did anything, it was all about fear and mistrust).

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